The Alabama Libertarian Party is the ONLY political party in the State of Alabama that trusts you with your ballot and governments. There is no reason for the citizens of Alabama to not have the right to place measures on our ballots other than Legislative control and FEAR of the people.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama does not fear you, the voters. We fear the continued growth of governments across our state and support citizens to be more engaged in government, top down in Alabama.

The below LetBamaVote-endorsed candidates believe you, as a citizen of Alabama, deserve the right to place measures on OUR ballots, as citizen legislators, to set us free from failed drug laws and repeal the fuel tax, income tax, and grocery tax, to list a few examples. Do we want Common Core in Alabama? Do we want Recall of our elected public servants? Let the people decide! 

There is a dire need to curtail government’s reach into our everyday lives.

Article 1, Section 35 of the Alabama Constitution, “Objective of government. That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression.”

Voting for these candidates on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, will help you keep more of your money, shrink government, and restore our unalienable rights. 

Name Position District and map
John Sophocleus  U. S. Senate Statewide
John C. Cochran U. S. Congress District 4 
PJ Greer U. S. Congress District 5
Gavin Goodman  U. S. Congress  District 7 
Dr. Jimmy Blake Governor Statewide
Ruth Page-Nelson  Lt Governor Statewide 
Laura Lane Public Service, Place 2 Statewide
Rick Chandler Alabama Senate 3
Danny Wilson Alabama Senate 19 
Portia Shepherd Alabama Senate 23 
Louie Woolbright Alabama Senate 25 
David Boatwright Alabama Senate  28
Floyd “Pete” McBroom  Alabama Senate  29
Doug Ward Alabama House 42
Jason Newell Burr Alabama House 43
Kari Mitchell Whitaker Alabama House 45   Website 
J. P. French Alabama House 60 
Amanda Frison Alabama House 79 
Taylor May Alabama House 88
Margaret “Maggie” Helveston  Alabama House 94
Mark Lewis Alabama House 105
Patrick Wallace  Alabama Bd of Education 8
Devin Cordell Jefferson Cnty Commission  3
Lance Farrar Lee Cnty Commission 4
Frank Dillman Macon Cnty Commission