Did you know???
  • 71% of likely Alabama voters in 2010 wanted I&R.

  • Citizens in 24 states and the District of Columbia have statewide I&R

  • Considering municipalities, counties, and states, 72% of all US citizens have access to a form of I&R.

  • Birmingham citizens have this right, but not the rest of us in Alabama.

  • Citizens in each county at their county level have I&R but for one specific reason, Act 2005-200.

  • I&R could result in Alabama voters having Recall, Term Limits, and fair ballot access. Without I&R we shall not count on it.

  • I&R has been on US soil since the 1600's.

  • Pres. Thomas Jefferson, Gov. Fob James, Lt Gov candidate Kay Ivey in 2010, and NY Gov George Pataki favored this democratic right for voters.

Several years ago I stumbled upon a web site containing one of my first exposures to Initiative and Referendum. The former owner and manager of the site, Don Siebold, lives in Montgomery. The site had basic and in depth information whetting the appetite of all levels of interest. Because of his health the site and his championship of I&R was halted.

I contacted Don, whom I have yet to meet, expressed my growing interest of I&R for Alabama citizens and asked if he minded passing me the baton. He immediately replied "Yes" and emailed several documents and information from his former web site.

From the seed he and his web site planted within me has now given me a life time dedication of providing citizens of Alabama with Initiative and Referendum.

Why hasn't our legislature set Term Limits for themselves? Where is Recall of state-wide elected and appointed public servants? Do we have the best property rights? Citizens will never have these rights unless we ourselves do the work our legislatures choose not to do.

Our team has expanded. Following a very productive four-hour meeting in Birmingham Bob Friedman, Independent Voting board member and Paul Frankel, state coordinator for Our America Initiative, we have come together to support our common efforts centering about fair ballot access and greater citizen rights. Others who have been generous with their time and advice are Paul Jacob, Jake Witmer, and my good friend John Sophocleus.

There is room and plenty to do on this train ride so hop on board. Use our facebook page or email Frank to join the team.