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Did you know???
  • 71% of likely Alabama voters in 2010 wanted I&R.
  • Citizens in 24 states and the District of Columbia have statewide I&R
  • Considering municipalities, counties, and states, 72% of all US citizens have access to a form of I&R.
  • Birmingham citizens have this right, but not the rest of us in Alabama.
  • Citizens in each county at their county level have I&R but for one specific reason, Act 2005-200.
  • I&R could result in Alabama voters having Recall, Term Limits, and fair ballot access. Without I&R we shall not count on it.
  • I&R has been on US soil since the 1600's.
  • Pres. Thomas Jefferson, Gov. Fob James, Lt Gov candidate Kay Ivey in 2010, and NY Gov George Pataki favored this democratic right for voters.

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We are very thankful and very honored by Our America Initiative assisting us in our efforts to provide initiative and referendum to all Alabamians. We are especially honored to be the first recipient of Our America Initiative state cosponsorship. Our America Initiative has launched the Make Every Vote Count campaign - a non-partisan effort to encourage citizens to be politically informed and to vote for their choice of candidates. LetBamaVote is addressed on OAI Alabama's state page beneath the State Organization tab. Furthermore, according to their web page 51% percent of voters do not consider themselves a Republican or Democrat, thereby non-Rep/Dem voters comprise the largest bloc of voters of the three categories. This among other reasons is why I am running as an independent candidate for Chairman, Macon County (AL) Commission.