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Did you know???
  • 71% of likely Alabama voters in 2010 wanted I&R.
  • Citizens in 24 states and the District of Columbia have statewide I&R
  • Considering municipalities, counties, and states, 72% of all US citizens have access to a form of I&R.
  • Birmingham citizens have this right, but not the rest of us in Alabama.
  • Citizens in each county at their county level have I&R but for one specific reason, Act 2005-200.
  • I&R could result in Alabama voters having Recall, Term Limits, and fair ballot access. Without I&R we shall not count on it.
  • I&R has been on US soil since the 1600's.
  • Pres. Thomas Jefferson, Gov. Fob James, Lt Gov candidate Kay Ivey in 2010, and NY Gov George Pataki favored this democratic right for voters.

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  • Statistically Alabamians across party lines, age groups, and income categories want to have the privilege to introduce bills and history book to remove unpopular legislative acts. CitizensinCharge provides a very useful and convincing chart of data collected by Pulse Opinion Research in 2010 of the 50 states with Alabama being more detailed in a different format. convincing chart


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